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Image by Karen Zhao

Thank you very much for doing such a great detail job in restoring the action, tuning and voicing of our piano. You really did a thorough job, and as a result, our piano never sounds so beautiful until now! Our son loves the new sound of the piano & he said the keys finally “feel right” when he plays.

Sally Souvannavong

Emanuil is THE BEST Piano Technician I have ever had service my piano! He was able to take an older family piano I grew up on and rework the entire regulation, voicing and action to breathe new life into my treasured instrument. Pianos don't always age well without proper care, however, Emanuil not only "revived" my piano but set me up to be able to maintain my instrument for the long run. Emanuil's experience is evident and he clearly has a love for what he does and it shows in his work. It's no wonder he is a highly sought after Piano Technician! 

Robert Fisher,
Music Teacher


Mr. Emanuil Yorgov is the only expert I rely on when it comes to tuning the piano at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Washington, DC. I consider Mr. Yorgov to be a truly skilled professional, whose exceptional social skills, positive predisposition, tact and punctuality contribute immensely to the overall success of all piano events, hosted by the Embassy. I have often resorted to Mr. Yorgov’s assistance and professionalism. Even under troublesome circumstances and time constraints, he has never failed to deliver timely services of remarkable quality.

Petar Kraytchev,
Congressional Liaison:

Republic of Bulgaria Embassy

I am writing to tell of my great experience with Emanuil Yorgov. I have known him only four years, but he is by far the best and most knowledgeable technician to work on my Steinway upright. He is not only knowledgeable but honest and forthright. I can only highly recommend him.

Nancy Mann

I just had my baby grand piano serviced by Emanuil Yorgov and the final result is amazing! He took the necessary time to not only tune my piano but to also pay close attention to details and address everything was needed. It was my first experience with Emanuil’s service but definitely not the last one. Other than being a very professional and knowledgeable technician, Emanuil is also a very friendly, honest person with a positive vibe. Give your piano to Emanuil’s hands and you’ll be more than satisfied with the final result!

Florin Bolojan


Thank you Emanuil for your expertise and knowledge of piano technology. You have kept my favorite piano in perfect condition, even after many, many hours of exhaustive practice and performance. Thanks to your care and hard work, it is even better then when I first played it.

Sean Brady,

I’m the Elder for Inspiring Worship in our church, the Manassas Seventh-day Adventist Church. I’ve been in leadership positions in our organization for 10 years and 4 in this local church. I’m a professional musician, pianist and conductor with wide experience as music director in different scenarios and repertoires. In my 20 years of experience in different locations I have had the pleasure to work with the highest level artist and [piano] technician.

Gerson Hortúa

Emanuil has been tuning my piano for over 10 years. His expertise is unmatched! He has kept my piano sounding beautiful and in great working condition. I highly recommend him for any tuning and maintenance needs.

Kristin Boteler

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