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Piano Tuning

Looking for a piano tuning and regulation? Expert Piano Service offers full tuning and regulation services for all acoustic pianos, including all sizes of Upright and Grand Pianos. Whether your piano was recently moved, you need preparatory work for use in performance, or you need regular maintenance servicing, contact us today to schedule your Piano Tuning Service appointment.

Piano Tuning and Regulation Services Include:

  • Full Strings tuning and regulation

  • Piano Key Height regulation

  • Key Front and Center Bushings adjustment

  • Repair and Restoration of old hammers and replacement with new hammers if necessary

  • Hammer Blow Distance adjustment

  • Hammer Height regulation

  • Let off Regulation

  • Hammer Drop Regulation,

  • Hammer Alignment

  • Repair or replacement of Repetition Levers

  • Adjustment of Spring

  • Voicing/tone adjustments

Optional Add-On Service (Additional Fees Apply):


Recommended Tuning Frequency:
It is generally recommended that an acoustic piano be tuned and serviced every six months for optimum performance and longevity. Many factors, including changes in temperature and humidity, will impact the tuning of a piano. 

Initial Tuning/One-Time Tuning: Expert Piano Service offers Initial Piano Tuning services, which involves an initial assessment and tuning/service, however, we may recommend follow-up servicing soon after an initial tuning due to the nature of servicing unmaintained pianos. Following an inital piano tuning/service, a regular tuning schedule (every 6 - 8 months) may be recommended to keep your piano in optimal condition. 

Pitch-Raising: If the pitch of your piano is determined to be more than 4hz higher/lower out of tune, your piano may require Pitch Adjustment/Pitch Raise Tunings in order to achieve correct tuning (A4 440hz). For additional questions, please call us.

Maintenance Tuning Package - 4 Tunings (Discount):
We offer a Regular Tuning Schedule Maintenance Package, which includes FOUR [4] tunings spaced out approximately every six to eight months. Clients who pre-pay for a Regular Tuning Package will receive tuning/servicing of their piano on a regular schedule at a discounted rate.

* PLEASE NOTE: Many factors, including temperature, humidity, and instrument condition, impact the level of service and frequency required. When scheduling an Initial Tuning or One-Time Tuning after a significant time has passed since your last tuning (beyond 6-8 months), please be aware that your piano may require follow-up servicing beyond your scheduled Tuning to be fully serviced and ready for regular maintenance. 


Full Piano Restoration

Expert Piano Service offers full piano restoration services in our custom piano repair shop. As every restoration job is unique, a full assessment of the history and condition of your piano is necessary and restoration service time depends on the unique condition and level of restoration required. Please visit our gallery to see some examples of fully rebuilt pianos!

Restoration Services Include:

  • Soundboard refinishing

  • Bridge filing

  • Pin Block replacement

  • Pin and String replacement

  • Damper Felt replacement.

  • Damper regulation after installation

  • Plate refinishing with new paint and lacquer

  • Key Tops replacement

Restoration Service also includes Tuning and Regulation.

Optional Service (Additional Fees Apply):

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